Unions, Voting, and Such…

I’ve decided to branch out and write about general topics and ideas that strike me as compelling instead of just talking about my recovery over and over. I’m still sober; I plan on staying that way.

Election day is coming up in just a couple of days and yesterday I received a text from someone with my Union at work telling me who to vote for. I doubt there’s anything technically illegal with this and funnily enough it just reminded me to write the letter to opt out of my union that I’d been planning on writing for a year but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I was going to vote for who they recommended anyway but it gave me a brief, childish feeling of rebellion where I contemplated voting the other way just to spite them. Haha, the immaturity rears its ugly head still once in a while.

I’ve been on the fence about voting for most of my life. At the core you are really just voting for one corrupt liar or another; you don’t get in a position to become Governor or President without taking a few bribes and telling a few hundred lies, in my opinion. Those people come from local government usually and if you pay attention to your own city or county legislature there are probably more than a couple of criminals in office. In my home county we’re in our 3rd year of a federal corruption investigation that has ruined several careers so far but the majority of them are still going to get away with whatever they’ve done. Even if they do get busted all they do is resign and retire into abundant wealth. Win-win, right? It doesn’t help that the outsiders who win elections are for some reason always completely insane (not even talking about the President yet) so it puts people off voting that way again for a few years.

Fundamentally everyone needs to educate themselves on their candidates, get involved with their local government, and make an informed vote. The likelihood of this ever happening approaches zero more and more every election cycle but I have to dream. If everyone in the United States voted and elected the worst human being imaginable, I’d be okay with that because that’d be what the majority of the country wanted. I’d probably have to emigrate after that but it would at least be a consensus. Our elections right now are just manipulation. Half the country votes one way because the evil brown people will kill us all and the other half votes the other way because having money makes you evil. It’s ridiculous. I don’t feel like it was this way when I was younger but who can really tell what the past was truly like?

Back to unions though… useless. Completely useless. The only people who are afraid of unions disbanding are the people who should be getting fired. The rest of us are sick of working our asses off and making the same amount of money as people who show up two days a week and read Facebook for their whole day. The one benefit to my union is after I opt out and lose the ridiculous $40 a check fee they charge, they still have to represent me for free.

So that’s my current goal. I am meeting with a psychiatrist FINALLY tomorrow to see about getting medicated for ADD. I’m trying to not bank on that having a major impact on my life because I don’t want to be disappointed but it would be nice to be able to hold a single thought in my head for more than 30 seconds.

Til next time…

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