My long time readers might notice a vast increase in activity on my blog. As I mentioned previously (did I mention previously? I never remember my old posts), I’ve been using a planner and scheduling my days out every morning; I always try to include some time to write at the end of the day. I’m aiming for three posts a week even though I write almost every day… my last post was the first one I scheduled for publishing ahead of time which felt like a major accomplishment; having so much material that I could post something the next day without having to write it! This one is being written on the fly at the start of my work day because I had a slightly chaotic two days. However, thanks to my visual schedule, I was able to move things around instead of falling into hopelessness and giving up on all of my goals.

So what happened? Well on Wednesday I assumed, incorrectly, that group therapy was cancelled because the therapist was on vacation. I didn’t know he was back and I mindlessly disregarded the email sent over the weekend reminding me of the appointment. So around 1:00 while looking through my gmail trash folder I saw the reminder that I had to be at therapy at 5:00 until 6:30! I had planned to eat dinner at 6 and simultaneously practice Turkish on Duolingo and then make some progress on my UDEMY courses. So I shuffled it all around, ate later and practiced Turkish at the same time and managed to get 30 minutes of UDEMY work in before I started my evening routine at 9. 30 minutes was plenty because all I was doing that day was setting up the programs I’d need to use for all of my courses.

On Thursday I planned to get up at 5:00 to go to the gym early because I had a run scheduled at lunchtime but due to my own ineptitude at programming Alexa, I woke up at my usual 6:00. It all kind of worked out though… I did my run at lunch like I planned and moved my usual workout routine to 8:00. I was debating doing it all day until about 5 minutes before I left which kind of re-emphasized to me how important it is to plan ahead (I never wrote the 8:00 time on my schedule so it wasn’t concrete in my mind). 8:00 is when I was planning on writing for this page though so I had to skip that til this morning. No biggie, it’s getting done.

If you don’t have a planner I definitely recommend checking it out. I use the Full Focus Planner but you could even just use a notebook. I like the structure of the one I have; makes it really easy and fun to fill out. Friends told me to plan for years and I always thought it was a waste of time; now looking back I realize all the time I was already wasting by not having goals. We all have to learn somehow, though…

3 thoughts on “Rapido

  1. For the first time, I’m going to loosely plan out what I want to get done this year. Not to rigidly stick to a plan but to at least not find out at the end of the year that I’m in the same place I started. I’m going to check out the planner you mentioned.

    Why are you studying Turkish? ; )

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    1. Apologies; I forgot to respond to your post on Friday and don’t check my WordPress over the weekend very much! I think planning is essential and like you said it shouldn’t be rigid, but you should at least have your IDEAL day written down so you have something to aspire to. I have a morning and evening ritual and to be honest on most days I probably get 80% of each done. It’s a lot more than 0 though!
      I started studying Turkish because of a girl I was talking to when I was a drunk, haha. We no longer speak because in my alcoholic stupor I said some offensive things to her that I regret, but I am so far along in the language that I figured I may as well continue and it gives me a way to stay busy for 30 minutes a day.

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      1. So there was a benefit to this relationship! I would think turkish would be really valuable about now. And don’t feel bad about the little alcoholic stupor mishap. I have whole cities I have to avoid for similar reasons. ; )


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