A Break from School this Morning

Normally I get into work an hour to an hour and a half early to work on homework or read whatever chapters I’ve been assigned but I finished all that this weekend so I’m just here enjoying my morning! It’s funny to think that only a year ago getting to work this early would have been completely impossible because of my constant hangovers… not to mention getting to work this early and being fully awake and happy!

I had a pretty awesome weekend which has been very much needed. It’s been a while since I really enjoyed my weekends because of all of the trouble I had with my medications and general BPD depression. The 5K on Saturday was definitely a pick me up which boosted me through the rest of the weekend. I’m very much a loner and isolator so just being out and about and surrounded by hundreds of people who were there for the same thing I was helped me to get out of my rut. I do wish I had the courage and social knowledge to strike up conversations with some of them but I was there with work friends so it’s not like I was completely alone and awkward like usual.

My homework this week is to make a vision board ($50,000 tuition well spent) and I had this super elaborate and artistic idea planned but after re-reading the assignment (thank God I did) I realized the professor specifically just wants us to make a crappy pin-up collage on poster board. Ho hum. I already bought all of the supplies though so I’m still going to make it on my own, I’ll just half-ass the assignment and probably still do better than most of the students. If you folks ever want a super-easy degree that requires almost no effort, go to the University of Phoenix. I study for about 30 minutes a day and have close to a 4.0.

Work will probably be awesome today. I bought some new completely wireless earbuds to try out. Since I got paid Friday and didn’t make horrible financial decisions this week (I bought a $400 computer monitor with my last check which was needed but I probably should have spaced it out a bit because I ate ramen for quite a few days lol) I could afford to pay my Scribd subscription and can once again listen to audiobooks at work. I love how easy it is to be constantly learning these days. When I was a kid I couldn’t have even fathomed listening to a book on Bluetooth earbuds while getting all of my email and text messages on my watch. Sometimes I feel like I’m too connected but I don’t have very many friends so it’s not like I’m getting texts all day.

Well, that’s my Monday for you. I’d say I’m going to start writing more regularly but you and I both know how that has worked out in the past! Hope everyone has a great week.

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