I made it to my first year mark. Last week I celebrated with my mother with dinner and also had a few friends congratulate me but other than that it’s been pretty low key… Kind of like my sobriety now. I don’t think of myself as sober or even as an alcoholic. I’m just a guy who doesn’t drink.

I’ve often said this but it bears repeating that I wish I could share how I got here but I have no idea. Somehow I’ve had a completely painless time staying sober. There’s never been one moment where I seriously thought about drinking and in the past 6 months I haven’t even had a craving.

With my year done, I am ending this blog. I’m not going to delete it and I’m keeping my same WordPress account to move on to bigger and better things so I’ll still stay in touch with friends but I don’t feel like there’s anything else to say here. Writing about my sobriety doesn’t excite me like it used to. Maybe I’ll write a more objective addiction blog; I’ve always wanted to do something more professional. I’m not sure yet. Thank you to everyone whose been here from day one (Nelson) and good luck in your own journeys.

7 thoughts on “365

  1. Way to go! Congratulations on your year! I pray that i will one day be at that same point. I am 165 days sober and I think maybe this time I will survive through it. As a person who loves to share and write I hate to see you say your leaving. When you began your blog you had experiences to share and that hasn’t changed. Maybe you just need to re-evaluate what you want to share. Take some time to think about your life now and I hope to see you back here on this side of the world wide web again soon! Best of luck to you

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    1. It’s funny you commented today about me leaving because I am in the process of editing a return post, haha. I just needed a break from writing to figure out what I wanted to do. Thanks for the nice comments, and congrats on your 165 days! You’ll be at a year before you know it and then, if you’re like me, it just becomes normal!

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      1. Well, see how about that! The Blogger world is calling you back home! 🙂 I’m glad to hear your coming back and can’t wait to hear about the races! I’ve always wanted to do one but never really found myself to be a runner. I might reconsider however!

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