Arrived at the Cabin

After a harrowing trip down a few mountain passes at 70mph, I made it. Early. Way early. I’ve been sitting in my car for an hour as I don’t have keys to the cabin. I walked around the property a bit and took some photos and tested out my tripod but there isn’t much else to do.

I saw a family of turkeys on my way in and there are rumors to be a lot of bears around here. Should be interesting. There’s a pond behind the cabin which will provide ample drawing opportunities, not to mention fishing.

Fortunately my car has a WiFi hotspot so I’m not totally bored sitting here waiting. I would walk around and explore more but… They did say bears.

On the Road

I’ve never written a post from the mobile app before so we’ll see how this goes! I’m on my way “up north” which is Michigan lingo for anything north of Flint. That’s a pretty huge area so it’s mostly a meaningless term. My family and I are going to be staying in Elmira, me until Tuesday and them the whole week. I can’t handle my niece and nephew for 7 days.

We were supposed to all leave around the same time but I’m 2 hours ahead of everyone, sitting at a rest stop and stretching my legs. I’m thinking of getting my camera out of my car and taking some nature shots; it looks like there’s a trail behind me.

I stopped at a Target in Flint and picked up a bigger SD card for my camera as well as a tripod and some shorts (since I forgot to pack mine). It’s been a pretty leisurely trip so far which is the way I like it. If you don’t like stopping every hour or so to explore, you’d hate traveling with me. It’s about the trip and not the destination in my philosophy.

I’ll probably keep a running log of my vacation from time to time. See you soon!