Okay so overall, yesterday was a bad day! Those of you who have read my blog for some time know that I don’t particularly enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew. They’re spoiled crybabies who turn every family gathering into a coddling ritual. I’m over that today, though. Onward and upward. I’m in a beautiful log cabin in the woods on a private pond. And I have my own car with me which is different from every other family holiday I’ve ever been on. I can escape.

I’ve been thinking about going to either Sault Ste Marie or Mackinac Island this weekend, both are within an hour of the cabin and I haven’t been to either since I was a child. Theoretically I could go to both.

One thing is for sure, I’m not sitting around here until Tuesday when there’s so much to see. I’ve always been poor at traveling and one of my “sobriety goals” was to change that. While I don’t have the financial stability to tour the globe right now, there is plenty to see in my home state. The drive up here yesterday was a good reminder of how easy it is to just get in my car and GO. It was only a 3 hour drive to a completely different environment.

In the off hours I’ve been reading Machiavelli’s”The Prince” which is another kind of tourism: exploring the minds and places of the past. The more you read books that were written hundreds or even thousands of years ago, the more you realize that we’re all the same and very little ever changes. I also realize more and more that human beings are basically flawed and wicked and will never learn from their mistakes, but that’s for another story-time!