Insomnia II

Two hours of sleep last night. A mixture of my medication and too much caffeine, I’m sure, has left me feeling far too energetic to sleep any more. I was planning on getting up at 4:30am anyway, and that time is rapidly approaching. Perhaps it’s also because I have an interview for a better position at work today and I feel a little bit antsy.

I used my sleepless time well, at least. Udemy has a photography masterclass which I’m taking and I finished two sections of it (they weren’t long) and am ready for the second assignment. This assignment involves composition which I’m excited about because I knew nothing about it prior. I have to take three photos using different composition methods and I’ve chosen “rule of three”, “negative space”, and “frames within frames”. I’m sure there are more composition methods than what is in the course and there are even ways to stretch these methods to make more unique photographs but I’m still very new. I’m excited to be making quick progress in something that I’ve always had an interest in but didn’t think I’d be any good at. Perhaps soon I’ll feel comfortable with sharing some more of my photos here… the featured image for this post is mine from my vacation.

Also this evening-slash-morning, I practiced drawing (yet another Udemy course… I love that site) light lines on newsprint. Nothing with form or shape yet; I’m just working on getting my line weight mastered. Amazon sells very inexpensive drawing kits! Altogether I think I paid $20 for a drawing board, a giant pack of newsprint, and a set of pencils and charcoal.

My interview will still go well. The strange thing is I’m not very apprehensive or nervous about it so I don’t know why I can’t sleep. Perhaps I am and just can’t tell? I already know I’m not going to get the job and that’s not just me being pessimistic. I work for the government in a rather… shall we say “corrupt” county. Generally, they have the people for these positions picked prior to the interviews. At any rate, we all already know who will be getting the job. Why did I apply, then? For practice, and to let my supervisors know that I’m always interested in moving up. I make enough money right now but I definitely couldn’t afford to move out of my mother’s house. Even with the raise this position comes with, I probably wouldn’t move. It’s just shy of $50,000 a year and that’s unfortunately not enough to prosper off of for a single guy (especially a single guy with student debt). However, if I were to get the job my life would change dramatically for the better; I’m trying to not get my hopes up, though. I’ve been burned too many times at this job.