featured image is once again one of my photographs. working on framing now.

How exactly does one get followers on WordPress? I don’t want this post to sound depressed and like I’m lamenting the fact that I’m not an ultra-famous blogger, but I am genuinely curious! For the most part, all of my followers are people who are simply hoping I’ll follow them back and give them likes/views. Rest assured, if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t one of those people because they don’t read any of my posts. They trawl through tags and click “follow” on every blog they see. I just passed the 60 followers mark and still only get about 3 views per post.

Again, it’s not that I necessarily want more followers or views. This is my personal blog where I vent my thoughts and try to connect with a few like-minded people. I do have other, more topic-oriented blogs that do slightly better and have some engagement (like Dating Sober). It’s something I’ve seen asked by a lot of people, though, and nobody really seems to have an answer.

I think that a big part of the recipe is knowing your target audience. My posts are all over the place as far as the target audience goes. I go from alcoholism to travel to photography pretty spastically! This post, too, diverges from all three of those categories.

Another big part of the formula is research and editing! I don’t do either of these things on this blog. Everything I publish was written in one sitting and is purely opinion. I didn’t spend the rest of the week thinking about my post or doing research to back up my opinion. To be honest, I would love to write more like that but whenever I try to I lose interest in the subject incredibly quickly.

If you have any insights, I’d love to hear them. I’ve put this post under a new category titled “writing” so I know I’m immediately going to get a flood of new followers I’ve never seen before. Welcome. 😉