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How exactly does one get followers on WordPress? I don’t want this post to sound depressed and like I’m lamenting the fact that I’m not an ultra-famous blogger, but I am genuinely curious! For the most part, all of my followers are people who are simply hoping I’ll follow them back and give them likes/views. Rest assured, if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t one of those people because they don’t read any of my posts. They trawl through tags and click “follow” on every blog they see. I just passed the 60 followers mark and still only get about 3 views per post.

Again, it’s not that I necessarily want more followers or views. This is my personal blog where I vent my thoughts and try to connect with a few like-minded people. I do have other, more topic-oriented blogs that do slightly better and have some engagement (like Dating Sober). It’s something I’ve seen asked by a lot of people, though, and nobody really seems to have an answer.

I think that a big part of the recipe is knowing your target audience. My posts are all over the place as far as the target audience goes. I go from alcoholism to travel to photography pretty spastically! This post, too, diverges from all three of those categories.

Another big part of the formula is research and editing! I don’t do either of these things on this blog. Everything I publish was written in one sitting and is purely opinion. I didn’t spend the rest of the week thinking about my post or doing research to back up my opinion. To be honest, I would love to write more like that but whenever I try to I lose interest in the subject incredibly quickly.

If you have any insights, I’d love to hear them. I’ve put this post under a new category titled “writing” so I know I’m immediately going to get a flood of new followers I’ve never seen before. Welcome. 😉

24 thoughts on “Followers!

  1. Hello!

    1) Would you like to write a guest post for us on RinseBeforeUse? We like the way you think and it also could help your writing get more exposure. I know you’re not sure whether you want more followers but that way you may find out as it’s already happening 😉 It could be anything related to love, dating and relationships. You seem to have a lot of useful thoughts on recovery so it could be related to that but doesn’t have to. Let me know!

    2) We have over 600 followers but little engagement. From out spike in followers I can tell you that it seems that the more you write, the more people follow you. That’s if you don’t get reshared by someone more popular than you and go viral. That hasn’t happened to us yet, though.

    3) I think what you mention about different topics that you’re interested in is related to the number of followers. People seem to prefer very specialised blogs/instagram accounts. Once you’re famous for who you are you can pretty much post about anything but for people who are not I’ve seen a lot of recommendations on niches.
    I totally get if that’s not exactly as you can see from our blog we sort of have a niche but we also write about a lot of related stuff and that doesn’t make us extra popular but makes us be real and true to what our interests us. My owm personal blog is even more all over the place.

    4) What you say about losing interest reminds me of the way I think. I’ve read this book recently and even though it’s max 3/5 it has some interesting ideas in it:

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    1. I’m seriously flattered that you asked! I’d certainly love to write a guest post. I’m actually designing a website right now that revolves around dating in sobriety so this is a fun coincidence!

      I’ve noticed that I do get more followers the more I write and like you said, little engagement. I think it’s just a symptom of social media. Even my Instagram has about a hundred followers but my posts there only get liked by my actual friends (which is fine!).

      I’m not necessarily looking for this blog to get more exposure but writing a guest post would just be a fun experience and would prod me to spend more time researching and editing it. I can’t say exactly when I’d be able to get it done by because I just took a promotion at work but it wouldn’t be long… maybe a week or two? Let me know if that’s okay.

      I’ll definitely check out that book. The description sounds like exactly what I’m dealing with. I watched a podcast of the Joe Rogan Show recently with Elon Musk as his guest and he talks in great detail about how hard it is for him to not be able to shut his brain off. I don’t have it to that degree, but I understand what he is saying.

      Talk to you soon!

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      1. It is a funny coincidence indeed!

        For a broader audience on IG you need to use many much hated hashtags and even then people just want more of the same. Every time I travel I double the number of followers to lose it all within a week or two of being back.

        Congrats on your promotion. A week or two is fine totally. Whenever you feel inspired and have time.

        Well, yes, the book says that people who think like that are sort of Elon Musks of this world, which is why we feel lost as most people can’t relate. I have my doubts about their over-enthusiasm in the book but some things ring true.

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  2. I think one the most powerful way to get followers is to read other peoples blogs, like their posts, genuinely comment and also click on those who have also commented and go to their blogs and do the same thing….it’s called taking an interest in other people and it works.

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    1. Forgot to mention – also follow lots of other blogs, especially new ones you discover and genuinely like…they will see your following them and will most likely check out your blog too!

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    2. Yes, I do this to some extent I just didn’t use WordPress very often up until very recently. I only consistently read your blog and one other person until about a month ago, lol. You’re right though just being genuine goes a long way. I never want to come across like I’m just trying to get followers.

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  3. I have to say I agree with Nelson. It is important to give what you wish to receive. I never intended for my blog to get any kind of engagement really, but I have found that I have a pretty heavy flow of followers and engagements that actually read what I write, like how I write, and are interested. I think when we take the time to find blogs that we like to follow and really read their post it will come back to us in our own followers. Maybe not with the blogs we follow but it will come back to us through another follower. I truly believe we get what we put out into this world. So in sense say if we just follow whatever blog without reading it we will get those type of followers but then if we read the blogs we follow and comment and like and engage with them much like we do then that is the kind of followers we will get!
    As always, I enjoyed reading!

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  4. I think your other followers nailed it.
    Comment, like and I think posting often helps too.

    I don’t have a lot of followers either but
    I am pretty sure I have a stalker. 😂

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  5. Hi I had this issue about how to get readers when I started blogging about retirement. No audience initially but then suddenly a lot and that was down to one big time blogger doing a link to my site. I’ve since stopped that blog – I got bored writing about retirement and now I’m starting a blog just to help me pull together my thoughts on hopefully giving up alcohol. Let’s see how that goes.

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    1. I’ve been seeing an upswing in views just through communicating with other people so that’s probably the best way to start. Having another blog mention you certainly would help as well but I’m not at the point yet where I’m proud enough of my writing. Good luck with your new blog, look forward to reading more!


  6. I admit I will look at blogs of people who have “liked” mine, and for a while I felt obligated to “follow” anyone who was “following” me. (I don’t have time for that any more.)
    I seem to get followers when they see a comment I’ve written on someone else’s piece that they find interesting. I try never to comment simply “Amen!” or “Good post!” There’s nothing wrong with those per se, but if I’m going to comment, I want to make it worth the time taken to read it. When someone sees a comment of mine, “likes” it, then reads one of my posts… or two or three … likes, comments, and then decides to “follow” me, I suspect my original comment was intriguing enough for them to check out some of my longer pieces, and that after checking out my blog they truly like it.
    You have a good style of writing, so use it when commenting on other blogs, and I’m sure you’ll attract the kind of readers who appreciate your gift.

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    1. Sound advice! I’m not an automatic follower either. I get a lot of followers who are OBVIOUSLY just trying to sell something. I don’t give them a second glance. I agree that comments should be substantial else not made at all. I’m here to connect with people and that’s the best way to do it. I’ve perused some of your blog so far, I don’t read much on the weekend sadly… Cleaning and that sort of thing… But you are a very talented writer yourself (which makes sense given your prior vocation, haha).

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