I’m proud of this shot! The framing could be better and I wish I had a black or white tablecloth to put behind it, but I wanted the towel to match the color of the sweet potatoes. I got close and could probably edit it in Lightroom to be even closer, but I’m not that skilled yet.

I woke up early today, drenched in sweat and confused, as though I was nursing a fever. Someone turned off the air-conditioning in the middle of the night! My bedroom feels like a sauna and now I need to wash my sheets again…

Yesterday’s post was asking the question of how we can best build an engaged audience. Humorously, my milestone for most visitors was broken yesterday. The consensus is that we should be engaged readers ourselves, which comes quite naturally to me as I enjoy communicating with authors when I read something of theirs that I like.

I’m generally a positive and genuine guy, and I’ve been trying to make that come across in my WordPress activities of late. It’s no surprise then, given what we’ve learned about building a following, that lately, my number of visitors and followers has increased significantly (some of you are even repeat visitors and I truly appreciate that).

A small part of me feels apprehensive about this, though. My writing isn’t nearly at where I want it to be. As I said yesterday, I tend to just write in a stream-of-consciousness with very little editing, if any at all, and on diverse, seldom related topics. My goal the rest of this year is to start posting at least one essay a week which took me more than one sitting to compose.

For this, I need your help! I’m not quite sure what to write about. I have a few ideas but I want to know if any of you have questions about me or things I’ve written about in the past that you’d like me to elaborate on. I could write about sobriety all day, of course, but many people who visit my blog regularly aren’t alcoholics.

The timing of this isn’t accidental. I just finished my first creative writing class in college and my second class, on research and composition, begins today. Using the things you learn in school is the best way to retain them and since I’ve always enjoyed writing, I really want to retain what I learn in these classes.