Hi, My Name is Brian and I’m a Caffeine Addict.

We recovering alcoholics are acutely aware of addictive behaviors. Many in recovery transfer their addictions onto other actions such as sex, gambling, and even video game use (which I’ve also had to combat in the past). So when I say that I am a caffeine addict, I’m not saying it in the way a basic blonde girl in line at Starbucks says “oh my gawwwsh I’m addicted to coffee!”, I mean I drink caffeine nearly from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep. It’s an obsessive compulsion and it has to stop because it’s affecting my sleep, my work, and my free time!

woman wearing red tank top holding white ceramic mug
“oh my gawwwd you guys, I’m such an addiiiict”

Today I’m making public the beginning of my new recovery! I’m giving up caffeine cold turkey. No liter coffee this morning at work, no 6-pack of Diet Coke after work. Now, I’m no fool… I’ve done this whole thing before with alcohol. I know how hard it is and I know that this probably isn’t the last time I’m going to drink caffeine before I finally quit for good. However, making it known and putting it out into the world will give me extra motivation to go without it more often than not.

In recovery, we learn that to be successful you have to have a game plan, so I’ve outlined a few steps I’ll follow when that familiar beast starts crawling up the back of my throat:

Have a back-up plan. I will crave caffeine. Hell, I already am. Fortunately, there’s a slew of beverages out there to replace it with. I’m going to stock up on La Croix after work today which was my go-to when I quit drinking alcohol. It has the carbonated fizz to trick my brain into thinking I’m still drinking soda and it contains absolutely no sugar. Perfect match for my current diet!

Stay busy! Staying active is essential when giving up an addiction. My addictions rear their ugly heads when I am repeating other patterns and sitting down in front of the computer or television is a pretty big trigger. Since I’ve started messing about with three new hobbies lately (photography, drawing, and music), I should be able to keep myself occupied. If I’m too exhausted to do those things, I’ll just lie down with one of my books.

Talk about it. This always seemed so stupid to me in recovery until I tried it and it worked, every time: Talk to someone! Whether it’s my mother, a friend, or you guys here, just stating that I’m craving caffeine and that I need help to distract myself is enough to remind me that I don’t want or need it. If it worked with alcohol, it has to work with measly old caffeine, right?

I’m optimistic! There will be relapses and there will be days where not drinking caffeine is a breeze, but as long as I stay consistent with my game-plan I’ll win.

On a more positive note, my goal of getting my weight down to 175lbs has been crushed! I’m currently sitting at 174 and have been consistently losing about a half-pound a day. My next goal is 165 at which point I will be in the “ideal” BMI range for my height and gender. I’ve probably not been there since my early twenties. Very excited!

16 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Brian and I’m a Caffeine Addict.

  1. All the best for fighting the caffeine addiction.I am addicted to my morning bedtea and if I dont have it immediately my head pains the whole day.did u leave alcohol cold Turkey?ur accomplishing the weight loss goal has motivated me too now.i have been wanting to lose weight since a long time now.

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    1. It took me a long time to quit alcohol and I eventually went to a rehabilitation center. I’ve been without it ever since. 🙂
      Losing weight is equally difficult, it took me a lot of practice! You can do anything you put your heart into, though.

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  2. Friendly advice: if you give up grains, it’s easier to give up caffeine because grains make you 😴. I *had* to give them up in 2013. I gave up caffeine in 2014. I miss Slurpees and Barq’s root beer, not to mention the diet pills I took before they got banned, but I feel better not being under the control of something — especially something that costs $$$.

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  3. Do you think you have to give up coffee completely? Pretty good evidence out there that 2 to 3 cups per day is very good for us, for the antioxidants. It can also come in handy when you really need a pick me up (that’s when I’ll have a 2nd or 3rd cup).

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    1. I think that I have to give up soda more than coffee as I don’t drink coffee except in the morning. I was perhaps being a bit extreme when I decided on this plan, haha. This morning at work was ROUGH


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