Getting Back to Basics

So, yesterday was a horrible day but I’m glad to be healing and starting to get back into my routine. I’m using this opportunity, though, to reset. Today I’m not going to use my planner or do anything that isn’t absolutely necessary! My biggest character defect in sobriety is doing too much and burning myself out. Hell, who knows, maybe that caused the nose bleed? (probably not.)

I have a good bit of homework to finish that I was going to do yesterday but was too drained after getting out of the E.R. I have a pretty good schedule for schoolwork every week so I’m not that behind, I just need to finish filling out a worksheet for the thesis paper I’m writing. It’s a study of the effects of social media and texting on students’ academic writing. My position in the paper is that the language and grammar used in social media spills over into academic writing and has a negative effect over-all on language. There’s also plenty of evidence that this isn’t true, but I had to choose a position and that one had more research to work with.

Doing whatever I want, whenever I want, is going to feel a little strange today! I’m used to having a to-do list to check off but I just want to take it easy and recover. I’m still terrified of touching my face for fear of breaking the scab in my nose and starting the whole process over again. I keep tasting blood in the back of my throat but I know that’s all in my head because if my nose was bleeding, it’d be pouring out of my face. Hopefully, by Tuesday I’ll be back in the swing of trying to write blog posts that have more substance than “me, me, me” and back on schedule with the rest of my life.

Might go to the park today. I’m running out of things to photograph around my house and really am trying to advance my skill in composition every day. I’d like to photograph people more, but I’m too shy to ask people if I can do that right now. That’ll improve over time. I tried some “light drawing” the other night and it didn’t turn out at all, so I’ll have to work more with that. I probably just wasn’t using a decent flashlight. I’ve heard those toy lightsabers work really well for it so I could see if the local Target has a cheap one!

Ta for now!