Clarity for the First Time

My glasses finally arrived yesterday! I look rather handsome, I must say. I’d show you all, but I haven’t even put on pants yet. How many of you wear them? My glasses are a little loose on my face and when I scrunch my nose to get rid of an itch (can’t use my fingers because of that blasted bleed) they slide down my nose. It’s a bit annoying; I might have to take them in to be adjusted already. The world looks completely different, though! One doesn’t notice how bad their eyes are until they have clarity for the first time. I even find myself sitting further back from my computer as I type this… it should help my posture out.

Speaking of posture, my back is feeling well enough to return to the gym this morning. I went to bed kind of early yesterday so I’m up at 3:00am instead of 4:30. Plenty of time to put in a workout. I’m excited to get back into my routine; I already look better than I ever have before thanks to my sobriety and subsequent weight loss, putting some muscle on top of that will make me downright irresistible. Kidding.

Yesterday felt a lot better, partly due to having an appointment with my therapist and partly due to the start of the workweek. I love therapy, it’s one of the bi-weekly events I look forward to. He asked me in our appointment if I wanted to start going once a month instead of every two weeks because, as far as my sobriety goes, everything is going well. I’m happy to hear that, of course, but I don’t know… I feel like I am still getting something out of it even if we don’t talk about problems that I’m having. Just having someone listen to how your week went helps a lot when you don’t have many genuine friends. Plus, the one perk of working for the government is that our health insurance is pretty spectacular and I don’t pay a dime for mental health services.

Writing a post a day for a month is going so well that I don’t even know how many days into it I am! I could easily find out, of course, but this is something that I could see myself doing permanently. Daily check-ins are basically stream-of-consciousness writing for me and the more focused posts I write give me a great opportunity to flex my thinkin’ muscles. I have a few of those in the works, two related to sobriety and one about further thoughts on blogging and marketing my writing in general. I find that the blogs I enjoy reading have to do with this latter subject, such as Lifesfinewhine and The Art of Blogging (just to name a couple, I read literally a dozen) so it might be something I enjoy getting more into.

My stats kind of exploded yesterday and are continuing that trend today, but I don’t think they’re genuine. 130 views on my index page before 3am? Yeah… probably not human beings. Sucks, but what can ya do? I guess the data-mining robots finally found my blog. Due to this, I’d encourage my friends here to not share their email address or any other contact information in my comment section, use the contact form instead if that ever comes up! Unless you love spam.

I uninstalled Grammarly so if you notice some errors in my post, forgive me! I’ll be writing in a word processor moving forward instead of through the browser. Grammarly is trash. Most of the edits it suggested were obviously wrong.

No photos today! I’ll make it a point to get some this afternoon… I actually have (supposedly) my first portrait shoot today but the person who’s volunteered might back out. I hope not, because taking pictures of my mother is starting to make me look like I live at the Bates Motel.