Hospital Part Two

This morning I reopened the cut in my nose by sniffing and inhaling the scab off of it. My nose bled for 7 hours and I went to two different doctor’s offices. At least now I know if this happens again to go to the ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor right away. He couldn’t get it to cauterize with the nearly-painless chemicals so he used a device that burned it shut with electricity! I had to wear a metal cuff around my arm to ground me. Scary stuff.

When the doctor finished, he told me that sometimes they have to do this twice. Ugh! So now I’m paranoid that it’s going to open up again at work or while I’m grocery shopping and I’m going to bleed everywhere. Needless to say I’m carrying gauze with me wherever I go for the next week!

It hurt, and it still stings, but it should be more secure than just letting it clot on its own. It was also a fairly quick process, once he knew what he had to do I was done in about 45 seconds. Way cheaper than going to the emergency room, too!

So that’s why I’m posting way late and I haven’t responded to any comments this morning. I got home about three hours ago and fell asleep immediately. I might take tomorrow off of work as well just to not put any stress on my body. Now I’m off to catch up on your posts!