Still in Recovery

That could have two meanings, I suppose, couldn’t it! I’m a recovering alcoholic and I’m a recovering nosebleed savant. Technically I wrote my previous post at 12:03am so I was going to count it as today’s contribution to my 30 days of blogging, especially since I’ve been writing a thesis paper for the past 2 hours, but I need a break to write something that doesn’t involve reading academic journals and trying not to plagiarize.

For those of you who don’t know, which may very well be all of you, I attend classes at University of Phoenix. UoP is a college in the same way a Big Mac is a hamburger. Sure, they look the same, there’s meat on it, and it professes to be food, but they’re not in the same league! I don’t necessarily regret my decision to go here… it’s very convenient for adults who work full-time jobs and can’t afford the time to drive to a physical university every day. It’s just that the classes are so insanely easy and thoughtless that I’m not really receiving an education. Most of my fellow students don’t use punctuation of any sort and I receive straight A’s simply by putting periods in the correct place.

But, I will get a degree. That’s all I care about. I have the skills and knowledge to start working in my field (cyber security) today, but the bachelor’s degree is gatekeeper to that career. It may be a bit jarring to hear that I’m going into cyber security as I never talk about anything tech-related on this blog… that’s purely because I don’t want to bore everybody. Hacking and data security aren’t nearly as interesting as television makes them look.

So, just taking a break. Gotta get back to it. I’ll leave you with a song that I love and have been listening to a lot lately. Hope you enjoy it. Some of you won’t. That is okay.