Day 30

Featured image is of my mother. First portrait I’ve taken of another person.

This is day 30 of my 30-day blogging schedule! I consistently posted at least once a day and it wasn’t even that difficult once I stuck to a schedule. My schedule has been off this week, not just for blogging but for everything, because of my injury. I’m mostly recovered, though. Just taking it easy so I don’t damage it yet again and have to start all over.

I’m probably going to slow down on the posting so that I can work on more elaborate posts instead of these daily updates. They’ll be the same, content wise, but I just would feel more proud of my writing if I put more thought and work into the editing and construction. I’m thinking two to three posts a week would be perfect. I may do more if the mood strikes me but that’s what I’m aiming for.

Thank you to everyone who started following and commenting on my posts this last month. I went from 3 followers to almost 150! Granted, a lot of them aren’t genuine, but it’s still cool to see. I’d like to try to get to 500 by the end of the year which is totally doable if I work at it.

Prime Recovery has gone from an alcoholism-centered space to pretty much my own personal diary. I like it more this way but the name doesn’t really fit anymore. Even though I talk about my recovery from time to time, alcoholism and addiction aren’t subjects I’m terribly interested in anymore. I’ll always continue to give support to those who are looking for it, but that chapter of my life is closed. Drinking alcohol doesn’t even register on my scale of “things I might do in the near to distant future” so I just don’t think about it. That said, my addiction has definitely shaped who I am today. I think I’m a stronger person having gone through the things that I did. I also have more appreciation for other people, knowing how much they helped me.

I’m sure I’ll post tomorrow because I’m still not well enough to go to the gym which is what will be taking up my normal writing time slot eventually. Until then, see you in the comments!