Operation: Pinterest Bedroom part I

You know those Pinterest bedrooms, right? The ones with all the cool furniture and everything seems to match a theme? One of my hobby projects this autumn will be turning my room into one of those! Right now I’m getting shelving ready to go up; just finished painting the first one and now that I’m looking at the walls of my room I’m not sure it’ll match. But, that’s why I only bought one. If it sucks, I’ll just try something different!
I was going to originally build my own shelf but was talked out of it. I am still going to build a cabinet for the other wall above where my computer currently sits. Not sure if I’m going to keep the computer in this room or move it somewhere else in the house. I don’t have a very large bedroom and this monster of a desk takes up way too much space. Plus the idea I have requires my bed to be centered in the room and that can’t happen with this desk here. Like I said, small room!

Tomorrow I’m going to mount the shelf and I’ll post another pic then where you can see the whole room and hopefully get some idea of where I’m going with this. I also bought a bunch of used books that have green bindings so they’ll match the color theme. Crazy, right? Hopefully they’re also good books to read!