Personal Days

So much for not writing every day, huh?! I had every intention of sticking to a 3-posts-a-week schedule but I get so lost in flow that I end up with a full post to publish even when I only meant to write a rough draft. Writing comes very naturally to me, I’m surprised I went for so many years without it… between the ages of 21 and 37! I’ll be 38 soon, 18 days to be exact. 37 has been possibly the best year of my life!

My next harebrained idea is to write personal updates such as this one on Fridays and my more topical posts the rest of the week. I’d like to say I’m going to take Saturday and Sunday off but I probably won’t because I still wake up at 4:30am on those days and there just isn’t much else to do that early. With that said, this will be a completely personal post, so if you don’t like those or aren’t interested in my fairly mundane life, I don’t blame you for skipping this one.

This hasn’t been a bad week, all told. My nose hasn’t bled since it was cauterized last Thursday so one more week to go and I should at least be able to blow my nose! I might give it two more weeks just to be safe. This experience has truly traumatized me when it comes to my nose. I don’t know how many of you have lost a liter of blood through your face before but it’s an experience for sure. You lose your sense of time and space and just exist in this “oh God I need to make it stop” moment for hours.

My back is still messed up and I still don’t know why. I’ve been taking anti-inflammatory pills for a month now and I don’t feel any better than when I started; I actually feel worse some days. Yesterday, though, a coworker gave me a sample of Biofreeze and #ohmygoditsamazing! I felt immediate relief and it lasted the rest of the day. My back still isn’t sore this morning but I know it’s coming. I need to head to the pharmacy on my 15 minute break and pick up a full bottle if they have it. Tonight I have my second chiropractic visit of the week; I’m trying to stick to a 2-a-week schedule so that I start getting some benefit out of it. Just going once a month does nothing for you, I’m sure. It’s just kind of expensive. $30 copay per visit and he wanted me to actually go THREE times a week. No way, Doc. I do feel better afterward but only for about an hour. Hopefully if I go consistently it’ll last longer. He said that if it isn’t working after a few visits we’ll have to look into other options like physical therapy. I still don’t know what I did to make my back hurt so much!

I’m sticking to my schedule of reading two books every two weeks. That may sound like another way of saying one book a week but it isn’t. I’m reading two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction, 25 pages of each a day at least, and trying to finish them in two weeks. This round I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, of course by Oscar Wilde, and Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt is a productivity coach who designed the Full Focus Planner that I’ve been using for about a year and a half. I took a break from it to try a couple of other planners and they just don’t measure up at all. It’s really changed my life so if you’re looking for a planner, I highly recommend it!

The Picture of Dorian Gray is certainly better than Crime & Punishment. Perhaps not in plot, they’re both equally interesting, but it’s easier to read by far. I’m also getting more insights out of it than I did Crime & Punishment. Aside from the books preoccupation with hating women, there were quite a few moments I related with in the story. For one, the idea that we aren’t just one person set in stone who can never change is one that I’ve always believed. We should endeavor to be able to transition between different beliefs, mindsets, and personalities throughout our lives in order to explore what it really is to be human. This is why, for example, I don’t identify as anything politically. To do so is extremely limiting and, honestly, is a lie. Nobody believes even 50% of what their political party of choice proposes, if they were really to think about it.

Lastly, Pinterest Bedroom hit a snag last night. I was supposed to hang my shelf but noticed it was chipped in a couple of places so I have to repaint it today. Hope to have it up by this evening then tomorrow I’ll buy some potted houseplants for it. Over the weekend I’ll think about where I can move my computer and desk. I’d like to put it near my workbench in the garage but in recent years my neighborhood has become quite a bit more unsavory so I don’t really want to put anything expensive in there. I also don’t want to put it back in the basement because I did that right after rehab and ended up spending my whole day in the basement. Oh and winter is coming, that’d be cold on both accounts.

I’ll figure it out.