I’m Writing a Recovery Book

When I was new to recovery, I joked with my therapist that everybody who achieves long-term sobriety ends up writing a book. Perhaps this was cleverly masking my actual desire to do the same. I’ve always wanted to write lengthy projects like books or even eBooks, not on sobriety of course. Looking back on the last month and a half, I’ve written about two pages a day for 40 days… a little over 80 pages, probably. Considering most “light reads” are between 200 and 250 pages, I’d be almost half way there if I was writing consistently about the same subject.

My desire to write a book on recovery isn’t to capitalize on alcoholic’s misery, which is what I told my therapist I saw most of these authors doing. I want to write one because when I was trying to sober up and I was reading a half-dozen books on the subject, they were all completely full of crap. I read a thousand pages of wishful thinking and rose-colored obliviousness that did absolutely nothing to help me. The worst of the worst was “The 30 Day Sobriety Solution” by that hack who writes the “Chicken Soup…” books. It basically amounted to “if you wish hard enough, you’ll get sober”. If that has worked for any of you, please let me know in the comments. I’ll hold my breath.

I’m excited to start. I know it will be a lengthy process and most of what I write probably won’t even make it into a first draft. I’ll probably get as much out of it as a hypothetical reader would because it will teach me so much about the writing process. Nelson has recommended a few books on writing that I intend to check out once I’m paid again (so much for not buying more books until I finish my current hoard!)

Lastly I wanted to thank everyone who wrote positive comments yesterday, it really cheered me up and I finished the day strong! The general consensus is that I need to stop beating myself up for not being busy 24/7 and just take some time to relax. I’m taking that advice this week. There are still a few things I want to do just to keep a streak going (reading and of course my classes) but my workload will be considerably lighter. I feel much better today, more confident and optimistic. I also have my therapy appointment after work which I always look forward to. Now that I’m well into my recovery, our sessions are mainly just musing about life which I don’t really have anybody to do that with.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!