Mini-Update: Got the Job!

I was hired on the spot at Kohl’s for part-time seasonal help. I’ll be working in the online shopping department which is ideal for me because I don’t necessarily want to be standing around folding clothes all day. The interview was very good for my mood… it’s the first time I’ve ever completely run an interview. The manager was trying to convince me why I wanted to work there instead of me convincing her I’d be a good fit. Made me feel very desirable. It’s definite evidence that I’ve changed in demeanor in sobriety. I was even stepping back outside of myself and being a bit impressed with how social and friendly I was being when normally I can be kind of shy. It’s strange… I’m an extrovert meaning I get tons of energy from being around people, but I have terrible social skills just from lack of practice. Getting better, though, apparently.

Still have to wait for an email from them to set up orientation but she basically told me it’s a sure thing.

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