I’ll open by saying that I have a lot of Christian friends both here and in the “real world” and so the purpose of this post is not to put anyone’s religion down or be a proposal for what the absolute truth is. This is an examination of my own religion and moral traditions. I don’t think I’ll be offending anyone here but just in case, I wanted to state that up front.

Picture my belief system as a triangle. Each point of the triangle is labelled Catholicism, agnosticism, and atheism. My belief system is almost smack in the center, although it has drifted further from atheism and closer to agnosticism in more recent years. I was a hard-core atheist in my teens and early twenties which isn’t at all surprising if you know that I was also an anti-social misanthrope and occasional extreme-left fascist. My politics are still a topic that will have to be addressed later because we’d have to get into the neo-Nazi movement I joined as a teen and my subsequent years as an anarchist and that just doesn’t fit in this post.

Most White (and probably black) Americans, whether they like it or not, live under a Christian moral code. Freedom of religion is a great ideal but in practice it isn’t a real thing, in my view. America was founded by people who were raised under a Christian ethical system and based on the principles of Christian empires that came before. As such, most of our laws and moral values come from Christianity. I rather enjoy having Christian values; I find them to be enlightening and a true challenge to live by, and we require challenge to thrive.

Morality is the extent of my Christian beliefs. I don’t believe in the Christian idea of God nor do I believe that anyone in the history of mankind could perform miracles. I don’t believe that people once lived to be several hundred years old or that snakes had legs before the Eden Incident. I’m agnostic in that way. I have found, through simply living, that there might be some sort of force out there that can be tapped into to guide us on life’s path. I don’t know if this force has intelligence or if it’s simply how the universe works.

My a-theist beliefs stem from my loose Christianity. I don’t believe that any one religion is superior to any other. We live in a Christian society so we see everything through a Christian lens but if we lived in India or Tibet it might be different. Not worse or better: different. At their core, most religions are designed to give people guiding moral principles by which to live an ethical life which benefits themselves, their families, and their community. In that way, I think that most religions say the same things in different words. I’m not an expert, of course. I’ve only studied Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. It’s a working theory.

I have rather closed minded friends who ask “what about all the homophobic and racist things in the Bible” and I’m really the wrong person to ask that to. When you’re as loose with your religion as I am, you’re more free to admit that you’re cherry picking the good things from the Bible and throwing the rest in the bin. It’s also an adolescent and unwise argument, in my view. Sure, there are Christians who use the Bible to discriminate against people but they are a minority of illiterate morons who don’t need to be feared.

16 thoughts on “Christianity

  1. It is so interesting that you posted this today. I was thinking lately about how people believe differently, and yet we have a common thread that we would suffer persecution or worse defending whatever it is we believe in. I wonder what exactly influences our belief system. It is probably a combination of the culture we are born into, our life experiences, and our own personality. Personally, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t believe there was a God. He has simply always been in my mind and heart. Even growing up within a primarily Catholic family, I didn’t seek a relationship with Jesus until my early 30s. For me, He is who I follow. I am not religious and currently don’t go to a church. I want to go, but I can’t seem to find a fit. I read the Bible most everyday and love the teachings of Jesus. He is for the underdog, and I have been that most of my life. I love all the stories about Him, and I wish that I could have been in His stories. I wasn’t, and yet I can see myself in so many of the people He helped. I believe in Him because He seems so real to me, and I love Him. I believe He loves me too. This gives me hope to face the day. Anyway, we all have a path, and whatever your path, I pray you have peace and love 💕.

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    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful and introspective reply! I also try to follow Jesus’ teachings regardless of my spiritual beliefs. In that way, I would say I am a Christian. I think it’s normal to not find religion or spirituality until later in life, our youths are too self-centered and hormonal, haha.

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  2. I agree with you. You are very brave to speak on your beliefs. Politics and religion is always controversial. There will always be people to try to prove something to you. 🙄 I personally don’t care what others believe, as long as your beliefs don’t harm anyone. We all have a right to our own personal relationship with God/ universe.

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    1. Yeah there are always trolls online but the main thing to remember is to not take them seriously because their comments say more about them than they do you. That’s why I don’t really argue or engage with them. It’s a trap. Lol

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  3. Thanks for an honest and thoughtful post. I would, however, beg to disagree with the statement that all religions say basically the same thing.
    Most religions teach alleged ways to reach up to God, to earn His favor. The God of the Bible reached down to US. Since in order to get to a perfect place, you’d have to be perfect yourself, (The minute you enter that place, it ceases to be perfect.) “good” is something we could never do on our own. So God had to do it for us.
    Some religions require certain sacrifices to their god(s) to atone for sins, but the God of the Bible WAS the sacrifice, because a sacrifice had to be flawless/perfect, and He was the only one who qualified.
    Some religions have rituals, prayers, and other methods of trying to manipulate their god(s), but the God of the Bible is not manipulated. We are here to serve Him, not the other way around. (But when we yield to Him, He very often does bless us beyond our wildest dreams, in ways we may not have even thought of.)
    To me the biggest difference between religion and Christian faith is that one is all about rules, the other is all about relationship. Unfortunately, many churches, run by humans who like to be in control, have returned to the “rules” mentality and caused a lot of confusion.
    One of the reasons Jesus was so revolutionary and scandalous in His day is that He turned a lot of the religion of the day on its head, saying things like “The first shall be last, the last shall be first.”

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    1. This is a great perspective to think about, thank you! I’d like to expand my opinion in the future but I’m taking a break based on how many hateful comments i had to block on this one. Lol


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