First Day of Work

I feel weird if I don’t write something every morning. I was working on a lengthy post about how most relationships don’t survive sobriety but I don’t have the time to finish it right now, it’s going to the ever expanding queue.

Had my first day of work yesterday at Kohl’s… it was just orientation but everyone there seems super positive and upbeat which is a massive change from my full-time job in the morning. Isn’t that kind of weird? People with good salaries, full benefits, marriages, and kids are absolutely miserable and people who are only making $9.50 an hour with no health insurance are loving life. There might be a moral in there somewhere but I can’t find it at 8 AM.

I’m also noticing half the tags I try to attach to my posts don’t show up in the published copy.

6 thoughts on “First Day of Work

  1. People making less money here lead a happier life than us who are middle class here coz we worry about the future and save money and even save for the kids future.They spend whatever they earn and lead a happy life without worrying about the future.

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    1. That is a good point, I had a different kind of stress when I didn’t care about the future and was living check to check. I would sometimes not have money and be worried but for the most part I wasn’t thinking about goals or the future. Now I do.

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  2. I think being happy in one’s work is largely about attitude. And attitudes are contagious. Perhaps someone at Kohl’s was so positive and upbeat that others just caught on, and once you have that atmosphere going, who wants to change it? Unfortunately the reverse is true; negativity begets negativity, and someone needs to be purposeful in reversing the downward spiral.

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