Sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum. The roar of the atomic fires below wouldn’t reach Kaylon’s ears, much less pierce the thick hull of the ship. The hull was comprised of meters-thick alloy designed to shrug off interstellar dust and debris during near-light travel. The dark observation room in which Kaylon surveyed the bombardment from was illuminated only by the red, yellow, and blue flashing lights from various consoles… coded reports from the ships A.I. on everything from life support to the operation of the bomb manufactorium in the ships aft. Kaylon ignored the lights; only engineers of the technomancer’s guild were equipped and trained to understand them. Kaylon was merely a grunt, waiting for the last signs of resistance on the planet below to die out before he and his brothers would descend like vultures upon carrion to purify the world of its past civilization to give birth to a new. Order from chaos.

The Imperium swept across the stars like a cleansing light, subjugating the weak and annihilating the strong. They had no directive other than to expand. Worldships such as Kaylon’s traversed the void nigh-aimlessly until a habitable world was discovered. If uninhabited, a garrison would be left behind to establish a foothold and communications with the home systems. If inhabited, it wouldn’t be for long.

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