Without Limitation There is No Being

“God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent; what does he lack? Limitation.”

Our inability to comprehend or deal with the infinite is fundamentally necessary to Being. Imagine the ability to be everywhere and all things at once. What would be the point of doing anything? It’s through our suffering and limitations (both mental and physical) that we exist.

Well that’s enough of the metaphysics for today! I’ve been having a blast since unshackling my will from the antidepressants; yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a long time. Naturally, there were days when I felt great while taking antidepressants but the jittery happiness only served to punctuate my existential pain. I saw nothing as a challenge or limitation and as a result I consigned myself to a hollow existence in which there was no urgency to do anything. Obligations gnawed at the back of my mind constantly but because of the synthetic complacence, I couldn’t put my finger on why I was so depressed all of the time.

Depression will return one day; I’m constantly holding a vigil for it. For right now, though, I’m well. Straddling the line between chaos and order, I’ve found the happy middle ground on which we can feel ourselves grow.

16 thoughts on “Without Limitation There is No Being

  1. Interesting opening quote.
    I was just noting the other day as my husband and I were trying to decide on materials for the latest home improvement project – material, texture, color, etc. – that sometimes TOO MANY choices can be a source of stress. (I remember when my children were little and they finally got down for a nap, thinking, “Yes! Now I can get something done!” then spending the next twenty minutes deciding what that “something” should be. Oddly, too much freedom can be disabling.

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    1. There’s another good quote that illustrates that. “You and I are going to play a game. Ok, you make the first move…”

      Having no rules or guidelines with which to follow in this “game”, you are paralyzed.

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