Writing Resolution & Follower Milestone!

Just a short post today because I’ve actually been writing all morning already. I’ve resolved (am I too late to call it a New Year’s Resolution?) to consciously spend more time researching and editing my more serious posts. There have been times in the past where I’ve attempted this but I kind of hit a wall when I started the antidepressant journey; I just didn’t have the energy or motivation to write anything that required conscious thought.

…and I hesitate to say this because the last time I mentioned my follower count, I lost 12 followers immediately… but I’ve reached 300 followers! When I began this blog two years ago I didn’t think I’d ever even hit 100. While some of these followers are certainly not genuine, the majority are and I’m quite honestly grateful for the opportunity to have so many people read my (sometimes outrageously insane) thoughts. It’s made me realize that I should start taking this more seriously, finally get off my butt and come up with a unique site design, and stop posting so many effortless, trash posts.

So thank you all, especially those of you who continue to interact with this blog regularly. It makes me happy to know that some people find my writing interesting enough to consistently read it.

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