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WordPress is chock full of people writing 5-step lists of things they aren’t experts on, and from day one I really, really didn’t want to be one of those people. It’s easy though, isn’t it? Most of it is recycled, borderline-meaningless rumor that we’ve read elsewhere and repeat without any second thought. It’s almost impossible to even find the root of what some of these beliefs are because they’ve been passed down for so long, we don’t know who originally came up with the idea.

5 Tips for Beating Depression

#1 Buy loads of cats

Inspiration has been on my mind a lot lately. What it is… what causes it. I’ve come to believe that inspiration is simply people. I wanted the word people to be bigger but WordPress doesn’t give me the option to make the font size larger (yes I know, I could do it with HTML or CSS. Reality isn’t as funny as the world in my imagination, and if you’re reading this in the WordPress reader, I’m pretty certain that added HTML doesn’t even work). Just imagine that I’m really emphasizing the word people.

No art is created in a vacuum. Every great work of art is the result of at least an unwitting collaboration if not a conscious one, whether or not the credited artist wants to admit to that. 2500 years ago, some sculptor in Greece was sharing locker-room jokes with some friends and then decided “you know what, I’m gonna put a dick on this one”. Then everybody in Greece started putting dicks on their statues. The repercussions of this extend down to modern day classroom sketches.

There is a point to this! The point is that if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your “mojo”, your creative spark, get out and be with people. You don’t even have to talk to them… just observe the world. View and listen to other things people have created. There was a restaurant at the mall by my house called BlackFin which went out of business. Someone bought the property and to save money on signage just replaced the word “Black” with “Burger” to make it BurgerFin. That is true postmodern inspiration in action right there. What does BurgerFin even mean? Fuck if I know. They’ll be shuttered in a year anyway.

9 thoughts on “Inspiration, Inspirations

  1. I’m guilty of these top 5 tips posts but only because when I’m desperate I sometimes find myself seeking out such posts. My inspiration for my blog posts comes from my own experiences and so I put that into whatever type of post I can ☺️

    I also find inspiration and creativity from reading books. Once I find myself in someone else’s make-believe world my own imagination unlocks and I can’t stop my creative thoughts.

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    1. Your blog is interesting though. Your top 5 posts are always very personalized and well written, I’m talking about people who basically copy and paste stuff they found on google haha. Plus your long posts that detail an entire week loaded with pictures are great!

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      1. Thank you! ☺️ I agree some people just copy and paste anything they can in an attempt to get views. Keeping a blog personal is what makes people interested and want to keep coming back to read.

        It’s great to hear other people’s thoughts on blogs ☺️ My blogging pet peeve is when people reblog their old content 🙃

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  2. Loved the image. “Stay positive!” Oh, is that all I have to do? It now makes so much sense what I’ve been doing wrong.

    I really needed this post though. I’ve been suffering through some burnout and hit another wall of depression yesterday, and it seems this post was just what I needed to see. Sadly part of my problem is the lack of people around me; it seems everyone that I view as a friend is always hanging out with other people leaving me feel like a second or third-string friend choice. Like why don’t I matter to anyone like they matter to me? That’s enough feeling sorry for myself though, maybe I’ll try the ‘observing’ method like you mentioned or attempt to channel the feelings into something productive.


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