Game Addiction, Upgrade

I “officially” quit gaming at the beginning of January. Like alcohol, I’ve had relapses. Unlike alcohol, those relapses don’t completely destroy my life and friendships every Saturday night! It’s been a positive experience overall and I’ve gotten involved in a few different game addiction groups on Reddit and elsewhere. One thing that’s really struck me is how similar game addiction and alcoholism are. All of the people trying to quit gaming ask the exact same questions that alcoholics ask.

“Do I really have to quit completely?”
“When will I be able to moderate?”
“Why can’t I enjoy anything else?”

And so on.

One thing that you really have to nail down when you’re quitting an addiction is replacing the time you spend on it. When you play video games for 4 hours a night, that’s a lot of time to fill. Unlike gaming and drinking, most hobbies don’t fill that much time. You can’t go to the gym for 4 hours, realistically. Some people can read a book that long but God bless them because I can go for about 30 minutes.

Thus I’ve put together a list of hobbies for myself to rotate activities fairly frequently. I’m finally learning piano, catching up on all those books I own, getting back into cooking and baking, and so on. I need to find more social hobbies so that I can make some friends (I have none that live within 3,000 miles of me). I’m happy, though. It’s nice to actually learn some new things for a change.

I upgraded to a pro WordPress plan last week during their flash sale. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time and 20% off sounded like a good time to do it. I have my own site over at now… if you follow me on WordPress you’ll likely never have to visit so you’ll continue seeing the plain old boring WordPress style posts.

9 thoughts on “Game Addiction, Upgrade

  1. Starting to find that addiction is addiction no matter what it is and the one I am struggling with is food addiction which replaced my alcohol addiction. You can survive without alcohol, you can survive without gaming, but you can’t avoid food to let it get out of your system lol. I know it’s more a case of moderation but it’s a pretty powerful addiction. xox

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    1. Food IS a tough one. I had an eating disorder for twelve years. Finally, in yielding to God, I was gradually freed from it, even though I had read that one can’t get over an eating disorder without therapy. Years later, when I described to a counselor the process that got me out of that addiction, he said that if I had come to him, he would have directed me to do the exact same things. So I guess I did have a therapist. Or should I say ” a Therapist” 😉

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  2. Trigger warning ⚠️ Gaming addiction.

    For me gaming has been and is beneficial all throughout my life.
    Gaming for me gives me good concentration. I game on and off depending on what games are released.
    They’re a kind of palate cleanser for whatever I do next.

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    1. Yeah I’m not against them, just like I’m not against drinking… I just can’t. I get way too obsessed. Can’t keep playing Assassin’s Creed for 6 hours a day if I want to have any semblance of a healthy adult life, lol.

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