How Do Y’all Personalize Your Blogs?

Question for the community today. I’m in the process of doing a complete site redesign, designing a logo and all that jazz. What products do you guys use to do this? I’ve browsed a few different websites that do this for you but their designs are all pretty lackluster (and very, very overpriced… $80 for some random imagery an algorithm put together?!).

So, fam… how did you come up with your ideas?

12 thoughts on “How Do Y’all Personalize Your Blogs?

  1. I’m the type who keeps the same design and site template. Even my phone background hasn’t changed in 2+ years. Yup, I guess you could call me boring 😆

    I also use for PDF documents/images and whatnot. Canva is really good for making educational tools for teaching.

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  2. I use Canva to create images and pins. I’ve also just gone self hosted (I’ve got a blog post about it coming next week) and it’s given me so many more options to change my blog around ☺️

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    1. Canva seems to be everybody’s favorite! I’ve used it in the past but never practiced much. I’ll have to spend more time in it. I have the Adobe suite but it’s just so complicated lol.

      I also have a self hosted blog (not this one) but haven’t done anything with it. It’s definitely nice to be able to change anything you like.


  3. Hi! So, for my logo I cheated a little bit. I used one of those sites that “generates” a whole bunch of logos to come up with ideas. Then I took bits of the ones that I liked, and made my own. Even though my logo is minimal, I kinda like it. One of these days I might change it, but it’s not my focus right now. I also use Canva for my graphics to create pins. It’s really easy, and you can upload your own photos, but I like that they have all of the sizing for the different platforms. I plan on upgrading to a paid plan soon, but not just yet. I wanted to see if it was something I would stick with before I went self hosted. At that time I will have more freedom with design. I spent a lot of time picking a theme so I think I’ll just customize more when I upgrade. 😉

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    1. I was thinking of doing that too! They are great ways to generate some quick ideas, especially for someone like me who isn’t very visually-minded.

      Another recommendation for Canva! Lol everybody loves Canva. I’ll stick with it. How long have you been using it?

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      1. I’ve been using Canva for the duration of my blog, which is a baby. My blog went live in Sept., so not even 5 months yet. BUT it is the easiest to use so far. I have experience with Gimp, Photoshop etc, and still use them sometimes. Canva takes the cake, though, being more user friendly.

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  4. Hello.

    I have been Rubric more than ten years. It suites for my purpose. It shows the page in two parts. On the left there are texts and photos. On the right-side bar there are: Blogroll, my favorite blogs, my travels, my top 10 posts, towns in Finland, 50 recent posts, most visited 10 posts during 24 hours and finally search.

    Personally, I appreciate search possibilities. Some blogs do not offer this possibility, which is sad. 50 recent posts offer easy way for my followers to find what has happened since their last visit.

    I post only every second week. The number of posts is not important me, but the quality of posts. In addition, translating my posts into four (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) languages takes time.

    Happy blogging!

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