Studio Update

It felt cathartic to get yesterday’s post out and I’m grateful to the people who related in the comments. I’m in much higher spirits today (maybe my new diet is kicking in?) and moving forward.

Analog Studio

I’ve purchased the second piece to my ever in-progress analog music studio, a Korg Volca Keys loop synthesizer. I have a lot of experience with virtual synthesizers but I think that having an actual physical interface will help me greatly in relearning music production after 10 years of alcoholism. It’s not a high end piece of equipment by any means but it sounds great for the price and… at the end of the day… everything sounds good when you run it through filters anyway.

10 thoughts on “Studio Update

  1. In the past two months I’ve also started dabbling in recording, although I wouldn’t call anything I have ‘a studio’ yet. It’s a pain and I think I’ll have to do a blog post about it soon. Hopefully you have a natural knack for recording because I find it just as terrible as writing!

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    1. Oh, it’s even worse lol. When you’re writing you can put your thoughts straight to “paper” but when you’re recording and an amateur like me it’s almost impossible to get your ideas out. It’s just for fun though and I get better every week.

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