One Foot in Front of the Other(s)

Yesterday I took the leap and signed up for piano lessons at a local studio! I’m excited; I don’t start until next Monday but it’s a lot less expensive than I expected and it’s right after work and in walking distance from my office.

This is hopefully the start of an exciting journey for me. I’ve wanted to learn music since I was a teenager but lacked the courage in the beginning and then later was far too busy drinking. It’ll be interesting to see how all of the patchwork music theory I’ve learned from production fits in to actual theory. Who knows, maybe in a year’s time I’ll actually be making songs that I enjoy.

Piano is hopefully just the beginning; I’d love to learn several instruments (drums in particular). One step at a time, though. I think that piano is a great foundation to build upon, especially when it comes to reading music and understanding theory. The people I know who just leaped straight into guitar (like my brother) always seem to be missing a lot of information.

You may have noticed my posts are shorter lately. I haven’t really cared about writing very much but I want to stay somewhat consistent. I’m sure that I’ll get back in the spirit soon, I always do.

14 thoughts on “One Foot in Front of the Other(s)

  1. I can’t wait for a post on Monday or Tuesday to hear how it went. Now that I think of it, piano is better for learning music theory because all the notes are laid out linearly, you can see how chords are formed. Also the black keys being the sharps/flats helps color-code the learning process!

    Drums are the funnest instruments to play. Depending on your living situation/money, I highly recommend spending a few hundred on a cheap kit. Maybe it’s just fun to hit things with tiny clubs called ‘drumsticks’?

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    1. Well I’m learning “finger drumming” on a sampler, lol. Not technically drumming but helps with coordination for sure. I have an electronic drum kit in the garage I’ve just not used it in a long time.


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