Wiping the Slate Clean!

My tax refund came today.

It’s the biggest refund I’ve ever gotten, thanks to spending $10,000 on school last year… so in the end I’m not exactly winning. I’m using it to pay off all of my non-student debt, though. The last of my alcoholic mistakes will be gone. There’s fees from an eviction I went through in 2012, unpaid medical bills, and debts I don’t even remember accruing.

What’s Next?

I’ve been waiting for this moment all year. I decided to do this way back in February and it’s so satisfying to see such a long-term goal come to fruition, especially for somebody who used to drink constantly and never had any long-term goals to speak of.

Next I’m building up a savings account with 6 months of expenses in it for emergencies and getting my investment portfolio back in order. I feel like the sky is the limit at this point. It’s also nice to know that I won’t be spending a dime of this money on video games or game-related activities.

Synthesizers, on the other hand…

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