070 Snow

I don’t believe in fate, the will of the universe, god, or anything like that… but doesn’t it feel like some cosmic power has it out for you sometimes? Yesterday I wrote about how I was happy that I used my tax return to pay off my debt. Wouldn’t you know it, less than 24 hours later we got a snow storm, I slid on a patch of black ice, and sideswiped another car.

I’m fine, and for the most part my car is fine. But it’s 4 months before my lease is up and now I have to go back into debt to get it fixed. I’m hoping that the only damage done is to the front corner bumper and nothing internal was broken because that’ll just wipe out all the fiscal progress I’ve made in the last 2 years. I didn’t make an insurance claim because I don’t want my insurance to go up $100 a month for superficial damage. That’s a gamble though. If it’s not superficial damage, I’m fucked.

070 is the ASCII code for F.

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