Mezzo Forte

Today was my first piano lesson and it went great! My instructor was pleased with how much I already knew and said that I had a great sense of rhythm which is news to me because my finger-drumming on my sampler always sounds like a mess.

After class I ran through some rhythm exercises in the Melodics app. I’m trying to get my coordination and timing on the Maschine Mk3 to improve. I’m still using the free version so I can only practice for 5 minutes a day. $30 a month is just way too much for something that I’m not sure I’ll be consistent with yet. It’s a great app, though. I highly recommend it. They also have piano lessons through it but I don’t have my keyboard connected to my computer yet.

Which brings me to my last update: I’m still mulling over which piece of my studio to get next. I need an audio interface sooner than later but there are so many out there and I don’t want to buy one that isn’t going to last me long if I vastly expand my analog library. I also need a decent pair of studio monitors and I’m leaning toward the Presonus Eris 3.5’s. They’re only $100 for the pair and the reviews are all favorable. Finally, I really want to get the jump on my modular synthesis hobby so I need to pick up a control unit sooner or later. Those are the most expensive component, though, as they are stand alone instruments.

And of course on top of all of this I’m still waiting to see if my car will cost me any more money in repairs. So perhaps it’s best that I just hold off for now. 😀

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