New Audio Toys

Heeeeeey, everybody. It’s been a few days! Crazy weekend and beginning of the week for me. First order of business: my car is repaired and back in my possession. I’ve never spent $2000 all at once on one purchase before, so I guess that is a life milestone..? Positivity? Lol.

I had a training workshop for my job on Tuesday which was all about “having difficult conversations” which was actually pretty valuable for me. It was taught by the same person who presented our diversity and inclusion course last year, she’s very charismatic and even in this course she paid a lot of attention to treating everyone equally and not being afraid to embrace other people’s cultures. We always get that negative signal from social media that if you express interest in the life of a black woman or a man from Thailand, they’re going to get offended and you’ll be publicly executed for racism. Real people don’t give a shit. I could write a whole post on what I learned, and maybe I will, but for now just know that I am very motivated to be proactive in life when people are doing shit that just ain’t cool.


My 3.5″ Presonus Eris monitors came yesterday. I was very excited to get everything all hooked up and finally be able to play all of my instruments at once. Unfortunately they didn’t come with 1/4″ instrument cables so I had to overnight some on Amazon. I’ll be able to plug those in tonight. I ordered a midi cable while I was at it so I can network my synth in to the whole mess.

Sample Packs

I’ve been picking up a lot of sample packs recently, too. I really like the vocal stuff from Ghosthack… very professionally recorded and they have a wide variety of styles to experiment with. Now, I’m obviously not going to be releasing tracks using lyrics and vocals that everyone on Earth is able to use for $40, it wouldn’t be very unique, but it’s good mixing practice.

Next Build Ideas

I’m thinking about getting a smaller keyboard to use as a controller next. My full 88-key Yamaha is lovely and very responsive but it basically takes up my entire desk and as my library of equipment grows, it just won’t work! It’s definitely the way to go for my piano practice but for actually writing songs… probably not. I’ve been looking at the Novation Launchkey and the Arturia Keylab. The Keylab has built-in midi which could delay me having to buy a midi interface for a little while longer.

So that’s my week so far! It’s exciting how quickly this studio is building up. I’m almost able to completely write a song without using my computer at this point (well, without using the mouse, keyboard, and monitor… I still have to run everything in to the computer for processing). Once I get an analog drum machine (perhaps the Drumbrute?) I’ll be able to compose entire songs without using the computer at all. They won’t be great songs because the Volca Keys sounds like a Nintendo, but it’ll be a milestone.

6 thoughts on “New Audio Toys

  1. Glad you’ve got your car back, what an extortionate amount of money in one go though! Definitely focus on the positivity of a life milestone 😆

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