Scattered Thoughts on Government and Disease.

I don’t have the patience or time right now to write a masters thesis on this subject so this is going to be very opinionated and in the spirit of the moment; please keep that in mind while reading. I’m by no means an expert on infectious disease or government administration. However…

The government I work for is run by out-of-touch lunatics. Time and again they prove that they don’t understand how society should function and ignore the advice of experts. As of today we are the only county in the Metro Detroit area that hasn’t shut down to attempt to contain the spread of SARS-COVID-19. We are also the county with the highest percentage of people who are poor and uninsured so basically the people who aren’t going to be going to the doctor when they get sick.

Our cleaning staff are going about their days like business as usual. Nobody is wiping down the handrails on the stairs or the elevator buttons.

I’m not paranoid… not to the level my mother is anyway (she wrote her will yesterday, lmfao). I’ve been getting my info from the CDC instead of Joe Blogger and Facebook feeds, so I feel like I have a pretty firm grasp on what is actually going to happen. We’ll survive… it’s not the end of the world. The shortages of critical medicine and things like that are probably going to kill more people than the actual disease will… especially if this stretches into the hottest summer on record (most CDC docs are saying this is a 6-9 month problem, not a 3 week problem like people are pretending it is).

But on the plus side it’s a great time to buy stocks so make sure you load up.

5 thoughts on “Scattered Thoughts on Government and Disease.

  1. I feel your pain! We’re the only country in Europe that hasn’t shut down.

    It’s scary that the Governments are encouraging us to just get on with our lives and wash our hands a few more times a day 🙃 You’ve hit the nail on the head saying how out of touch they are!

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  2. We have shut down but we are not in lock down. Now it all comes to the people to follow the recommendations too. There are some stubborn people I can tell you that!
    But opposite to what you write, the belief here is that the virus will die out when temperatures will rise. Is there another belief in the US?

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    1. Some people do say that but the sources I’ve read (CDC and Dr. Michael Osterholm) say there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 virus is sensitive to heat, and in fact research done on the other coronaviruses (SARS and MERS) suggest that heat will do nothing to it. Time will tell I suppose.

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      1. Damn! I had this hope. I guess they maybe think so because the virus is from the flu family but on the other hand it can behave very differently, like you say. It’s good to read different thoughts about it. I think sometimes the information will slightly differ from country to country. As to what I said, it was a thought, a prediction. At this point in time everyone can agree that nobody knows for sure what will happen.

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      2. Yeah in the US what most doctors are banking on is herd immunity where eventually so many people will have caught it and gained antibodies that it becomes pretty rare. We don’t want it to mutate into something worse like the flu always does though.

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