Back from “Vacation”.

Monday afternoon I went home early with a cough that had been getting progressively worse throughout the day. I wasn’t concerned that it was anything serious as I didn’t have a fever or a sore throat, but I decided to be courteous. Well the old c**ts that I work with spread a rumor throughout the building that I definitely had COVID so I was forced to stay home Tuesday and get a doctors note. Seeing an opportunity, I had my cool-as-heck doctor write me a note that said I couldn’t return to work until Friday despite being perfectly well. Because of that, the clucking hens at work became even more paranoid that something was seriously wrong with me and they had my entire desk area sanitized by the facilities department. I love it.

I’m back today and am not going to tell anyone what happened. You might think me a bit sadistic for stoking people’s fears just to teach them a lesson about gossip, but my craving for humor trumps morality every time.

The Last Three Days

The last three days have been kind of chaotic. I never recognize how much I need my weekly routine in order to get things done. I’m behind on schoolwork and have been eating like an American for the whole week. I did practice a lot of piano and rhythm… I actually know an entire song start to finish on piano now (and not one of those childish ones that people learn first). My private lessons are cancelled for the foreseeable future but I’ve found a great lesson plan on Skillshare which, somewhat sadly, is actually better than my in-person teacher is. It’s still nice to be able to get real-time feedback from an experienced player.

I’m also signed up for Andrew Huang’s production masterclass in April. It was $275 and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. A lot of people in the ad comments complain that they don’t have that kind of money and it’s so expensive but if you’re not willing to spend $275 and want to be a producer… you’re probably not going to get very far. My speakers alone were that much.

Anyway. Just checking in. Today is going to be annoying, I already know it. We fired the phone girl last week because she called in sick every other week for the entire week. They generally don’t fire people here but she was still in her probationary period so it was pretty easy to just say “Bye, Felicia”. But… that means yours truly now has to cover a block of phone calls every day, the topics in which range from such delightful questions as “why I ain’t got no child support this month” and “how do I get a DNA test this kid ain’t mine!”

I look forward to it.

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