COVID and Alcoholism

As I was driving home from work, I noticed all of the liquor stores on my way home were absolutely packed. It raised a thought… alcoholics will probably be a huge vector for this virus because despite any shelter in place or quarantine orders, you know they need to get their fix. They’re also generally dirtier than the average person so you know they aren’t washing their hands or cleaning their home. Shit, if you know anyone who has a drinking problem get the hell away from them for the next year.

Shelter in place order came down today. I know that nobody is going to pay any attention to it. Not enough people have died. Once someone’s mother or grandparent dies then they’ll start to take it seriously. Eventually we’ll have to make going out for non-essentials a crime temporarily. Until then we’re really just farting into the wind.

I still have to work because I’m considered essential governmental personnel but honestly I prefer working over staying home all day. We’re closed to the public and there’s only about 10 of us in the whole building so it actually feels safer than being at home with my alcoholic brother who coughs so much you don’t know if he’s sick or if he’s just downed a 5th of vodka. Regardless, we’ve told him to stay in his room and to tell us before he needs to come up so we can leave the area. Fucking drunk loser. Man my life would improve so much if he’d… nevermind.

My schedule has been all over the place because I haven’t really worked since Friday and even then I was off that whole week because someone spread a rumor that I had COVID and they made me stay home til I got a doctor’s note. Whatever, I still get paid. I’m going to make sure to set an alarm from now on to get back on some kind of schedule.

Lost my 4.0 in school because this class uses software by Cengage which is a fucking piece of shit company. All of their apps are broken, the photographs they use are so dark and blurry you can’t tell what the hell you’re supposed to be looking at, and they ask questions that nobody can answer. I set up a Twitter again specifically so I could tell them to go fuck themselves. It did make me feel a little better even though I know the only person who will read it is some poor intern.

Still practicing piano daily. My personal lessons are cancelled for the foreseeable future but i”ve been using Skillshare which is amazing and I highly recommend it. I’ve also signed up for Andrew Huang’s Monthly audio production course which I’ve heard nothing but great things about. Other than that I’m going to volunteer for as much extra work as I can to see if I can be in the office more than one day a week. They have to pay me either way so I don’t see why they’d say no. Everybody else I work with is complaining about how unfair it is that they have to work so I’m sure they’ll be blown away to see someone actually wanting to work more.

Which is super idiotic, isn’t it? You chose to work for the government you stupid old bat. When shit hits the fan we’re the ones who absolutely need to continue working. God I’m so sick of the constant bitching I’m glad I’ll be working alone in my department. And when all this blows over, if I’m still alive and not laid off due to all of the money the government is certainly going to hemorrhage, I’m transferring to my old department.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. But honestly, if you’re gonna catch COVID now is the time to do it, while they still have hospital beds. If I knew someone who was infected I’d probably ask them to cough directly into my mouth.

3 thoughts on “COVID and Alcoholism

  1. I understand why you want to keep working. I’m glad we’re having online classes instead of no classes at all because I would go crazy sitting at home doing nothing.


  2. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t work. I need to keep somewhat busy, and need people to force me to be somewhat busy. I’d surely go crazy.

    Put a lock on your brother’s door or something. Give him a bucket to piss and shit in and only allow him to empty it once a day. Slide ramen packs under his door. Keep him tucked away!


  3. Glad to hear you can still work! I think it’s vital to keeping your head. I work from home but due to COVID there’s no paid work around and I’m losing my head. Don’t know what to do with myself and struggling not being able to see my family.

    It’s a crazy and scary world we’re living in right now!

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