Been a little while, huh? I haven’t even logged in to WordPress to read blogs let alone write something on my own. My schedule has been totally bonkers: disorganized and chaotic with a big helping of procrastination.

I let anxiety get the better of me over the last week or so and failed to follow through on a lot of the projects I’ve been working on such as my music lessons. I’m trying to get my act together but there’s nothing anchoring my days together without work.

I’m so tired all the time, too. I’m starting to think that there is actually something wrong with me because I’ve been like this for almost six months now. Some days I sleep for 12 hours and then lay in bed for another hour or two feeling like I’m unable to even move my body. Once I’m up, I’m fine. Well… still tired, but able to function at least.

Can’t go to the doctor right now, though. They’re far too busy for non life-threatening illnesses. I’ll hang in there.