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So I’ve come up with a “project” that I’d like to try. It’s a podcast which first off terrifies me because I am not proud of my voice to put it mildly. I definitely don’t have a powerful presence by any means! I’ve always had a passion for underground music and the history behind it so I decided to give my own show a shot. I’m still in the process of constructing the first episode… choosing songs and researching them to make sure I have my information correct as for some of them it’s been many years since I’ve thought about them.

I want it to be more than just a radio show though. I want it to be an education on the history of multiple genres, showing how even the most diametrically opposed sounds are actually quite related. I’ve always believed that all music is worth listening to and the whole idea behind “good music” is ridiculous and just an excuse for not wanting to leave your comfort zone.

So here’s just the intro I’ve written up so far, it’ll likely change especially once I start recording it as, believe it or not, I don’t talk at all the way that I write. I’m happy to finally have something productive to work on and I’m actually quite committed to seeing this through for once.

Hey everyone, welcome to The Infinite Playlist. My name is Brian and I’ll be your guide through the winding genres and basement clubs of the underground music community whilst providing some background and commentary on the songs I’ve selected.

First, I apologize for the quality of my recording right now. I have a professional microphone on order but it won’t arrive for a while due to the strain that COVID has placed on the shipping industry but bear with me for hopefully just this one episode and everything should be set up shortly hereafter.

So I’m sure a question on your might is “what is The Infinite Playlist and how is it different from a simple streaming radio show?” Well I certainly could have just edited a string of songs together on my computer and been done there, but part of what I love about music is learning the history of the artists, how they connect to one another, and the nuances in their music. One thing I’m asked quite often by friends who have seen my shall we say “indiscriminate” taste in music is “how do you find all of these artists?” Well therein lies the actual hobby for me. Learning the artists and technical staff behind an album and then connecting them with other projects is what’s fun for me. If I was a bit more organized you could picture me having a room with album covers pinned to the wall and red string forming a web between them the way obsessed detectives do in crime dramas.

It is my greatest joy to introduce people to new artists that they come to love, from bands who were overlooked in decades past to modern performers who don’t get the credit they deserve. I suppose, in a way, my hobby was always leading me to this show. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Any feedback is appreciated. Is it too robotic? Is more information needed? Etc. Thanks as always for reading.

Also WordPresses new editor is quite obtuse it took me quite some time to figure out how to rearrange my paragraphs as I originally typed this out of order!

13 thoughts on “New Project

  1. I like the intro and the concept. All those connections are really fun to discover and to see how one influences the other can be a real journey to undertake. Do you have an idea when the first episode will be ready?

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  2. This sounds fascinating! One of the things I would always sneak into my lessons as a middle school/high school teacher was adding relevant songs to the lesson and introducing the kids to different genres. (These kids’ idea of “variety” was if they listened to Christina Aguilera AND Brittney Spears. *eye roll*)

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      1. I was so obsessive about doing things legally that I made a bunch of phone calls before a middle school production making sure I had permission to use songs from different decades to introduce our skits. I ended up talking to the manager of the BeeGees as he was in his limo on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Europe. (!)

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      2. Lol probably was shocked someone finally asked for permission! Coincidentally one of the first remixes I ever did a long time ago was a BeeGees song. I did not ask for permission. Haha

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    1. Thanks! I’m a little bummed out because after doing some initial research there is simply no legal way I can actually play the songs on the podcast… but there are methods which skirt legality, lol.

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