Blog Specialization?

How do you feel about specializing your blog toward one or just a few related subjects? I’ve posted about everything from audio engineering to alcohol addiction and my line of thought is that if someone follows me because of a music-related post they probably won’t be interested in the majority of what I write.

Creating more blogs for my other topics has been something I’ve mulled over a few times but I’m worried about how much work that would be! Certainly I don’t have to write a post on every single one every day, but I also can’t go for a month without posting something.

I know I’ll at the very least be creating a music blog. Posting my own music here is fine as this is my personal blog but I’m talking about for more audio-engineering and production discussions. The vast majority of my followers and people whom I follow are in the mental health community and obviously couldn’t give a toss about the new features in Ableton Live 10.1! I’m also quite passionate about music production so I don’t think it’d be difficult for me to come up with content whereas the well has run relatively dry on mental health for me (and I’ve been hemorrhaging followers, actually).

So I think that’s the conclusion I’ve come up with after talking about wanting to change up my blog a few weeks ago. This one will stay personal and will likely consist of my daily musings so if you enjoy reading that, good news. I’ll have the other blog set up today, I’ve learned putting something on a list to do “tomorrow” never happens, haha.

Also I’m on a bit of a streak right now, that’s refreshing!