Some Things Don’t Change!

It’s my “in the office” day today and boy is it a doozy. It looks like nobody bothered to sort any of the mail yesterday and since Friday was a holiday, I have to do two days worth. I was hoping to leave by lunch today but that likely isn’t going to happen.

Still, have to be grateful for the chance to work. Talked to two more friends who are laid off yesterday. While much of the nation is desperately waiting for the stimulus check to come and trying to make ends meet, my stimulus check will basically just be extra money.

All of my friends will be okay, they’re just temporarily laid off until the lock down is over and will be going back to work. I’ve run across a few people on the good old internet who are using their unemployment as an excuse for their racism and ignorance which is to be expected. Can’t really feel sorry for those people. One guy was complaining that he’s 59, lost his job due to COVID, and has $100 to try to live off of. That is just a gross lack of foresight.

Anyone truly struggling during this time should take it as a lesson moving forward. Save some money. Get an education. Find a job that matters.