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I’ve made a point to write for at least fifteen minutes a day. It doesn’t seem like much but I have a very short attention span and even making it that long without getting distracted has been a challenge. I thought Adderall was supposed to have the opposite effect but I’ve noticed this trend in most activities, not just writing. Yesterday I succeeded but I didn’t finish the post; it’s a longer one: a review of a book I particularly dislike (lol) so I want to make sure it’s at least enjoyable to read and interesting rather than coming off as though I’m whining.

Since I’ve unfollowed pretty much every blog I had followed over the last few years, I’ve actually found it more enjoyable to read and respond to your posts. I don’t cast artificial likes anymore and I may not catch your posts on the day that you write them, but I eventually do and I actually read them again. It became such a habit to compulsively “like” every post I saw that I kind of hated myself. That happens to me a lot and a deep, unconscious part of me is somewhat offended at that. When I post something and somebody likes it seconds after I press the post button, come on, I know you didn’t read it. Lol. I don’t care about how many likes I get. If you don’t want to read what I write, don’t pretend like you did!

I’m sure I’ll add blogs back to the following list over time but right now I’m enjoying the act of having to purposefully go to someone’s blog and read it rather than having them served to me on a platter. It’s also nice to go to people’s sites because when you read things through the WordPress feed, you don’t get to see any of their design or formatting and it leads me to sometimes forget who blogs about what because everything just looks like the same person (which reminds me I still haven’t committed any time toward customizing my own site design UUUUGH!).

This isn’t quite 15 minutes so I’m going to write some more of the book review. If you’re curious, the book is “The War of Art” which comes highly recommended by many self-help authors and podcasters. It’s absolute trash.

5 thoughts on “Follow. Followed.

  1. I also like going to the actual blog sites and reading their posts there instead of the reader. It feels more personalized. Also, I will be sure to avoid the book – Thanks for the heads up! 😂

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