Should University Degrees Be Prerequisites to Voting?

14 thoughts on “Should University Degrees Be Prerequisites to Voting?

    1. It wouldn’t eliminate every moron in the world but it would be a move in the right direction, lol. We’d have to also reconstruct the college curriculum, making philosophy, political science, ethics, and logic courses mandatory. Haha.

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  1. Dare I say, bearing in mind I have two sons at university that I think knowing how little they personally know of the world and understand what makes a country work, politics etc etc that some form of unbiased education starting at school might at least start to educate them. Seems to me (a example being the behaviour of so many with regards to their response to COVID, that they are still remarkably immature and indeed studies show that part of their brains are not even fully developed until after the age of 23) … Of course there are exceptions, but so many have so little life experience, they only know their own little world in which they grew up in which is their normal. They may be heading for a first in history of art but does this really qualify them for having a say in the future of our country? Start education of politics at school. Get them reading newspapers, discussing issues. Make it compulsory. Great post and great to think about! Katie

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    1. Forgot to add that although at home, yes, we did discuss a little bit of politics and what was going on in the world, it would be great to have this reinforced at school. We talked about everything, but some families are busy, busy, busy. Katie

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    1. Would it? In seriousness, I mentioned in another comment that this was mainly satire and I do agree that education is the way to go but as far as EASIER, it’s certainly much easier to just pass a law that excludes half the country rather than redesigning and deploying an entirely new education system, ensuring children are actively engaged in it, and simultaneously figuring out a way to educate people who are already finished with school.

      Easier is rarely correct, though. šŸ™‚


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