What Makes Someone Qualified to Give Advice?

Have you noticed the “life coach” trend that’s popped up in the last decade? I’m sure they’ve been around longer than that, but it’s become the go-to profession for every stay-at-home mom on the internet, it seems. A lot of these coaches have never accomplished anything in their own lives so I’m unsure as to what inspires people to take their advice. It comes in all flavors: fitness tips from obese people drinking overpriced shakes, career advice from single moms trying to juggle 3 jobs to make ends meet, and so on. So what exactly does qualify someone to give someone else advice? It is said that we can often see solutions to other people’s problems better than our own, but is this actually true or are we just judging them and projecting our desires upon them?

This question has been important to me lately because I’ve fallen into a few positions in which I am required to give advice. First, I am becoming a peer recovery coach so that I can give back to the community that has so graciously saved my life while simultaneously giving my own life a sense of purpose (everything is, after all, selfish in the end). What gives me the right to give advice on sobriety though? Yes, I am sober and will likely continue to be forever. I don’t know how to give advice on that though. Unlike most alcoholics I meet, a switch was flipped in my brain and I simply do not crave alcohol anymore. That’s not to say my addiction issues are cured, I’m still addicted to a plethora of things that are bad for me.

Second, I’ve been given a lot of responsibility at work for training other people and developing them as employees, particularly in my old department. I feel more qualified to do this than to give life advice because in all modesty I did absolutely kill it at that job. I have a very hard time enunciating what needs to be done, though. Perhaps that is just practice. It must be.

This is just me thinking aloud and trying to figure out what I want to do, don’t mind me! My first day at my second job is tomorrow and I am very excited. Working retail is so much more fun when you don’t have to be doing it. I think a lot of my positive attitude toward it is in realizing that I’m taking action and doing something to better my life above and beyond the ordinary. I could easily just work my full time job and just get by paying bills but I want to get ahead in life. I want to be somebody some day. I want it all.

Just a terrible pic from the gym this morning 😅

My heart hasn’t really been in this blog ever since the depression episode, so if my writing and design of my posts seems like it’s been lacking, it totally has. That happens to me… I’ll have all of these fun hobbies I start getting really good at, then the depression hits and even after it passes I still have almost no interest in those hobbies any more. I’m trying to stick through it though and hope that it comes back. I do feel a bit more motivated today than I have for the past several posts… but not motivated enough to do any editing and whatnot.